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Curiouser and curiouser

Saturday, June 23, 2007

5:55PM - Changed mind

Dinah sat it the garden, a dark shadow on the bright green grass. She squinted towards the sky. It was bright but there was no sun, just a flat wall of light grey cloud. She thought about Alice and their meeting in the hallway but the memories slipped away like silverfish. What had happened? He mind had been so flooded with emotion that all she remembered was Alice's bony hands. Alices slender fingers swirled through her mind. And now she was here. It was as though the very touch of Alice had pulsed through her releasing something that transformed every cell in her body. She was electric. In huge quantities could imagination transform matter? or even create it? As Dinah body languished in the asylum garden her mind reached out in all directions.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

10:37AM - Dinah finds Wonderland

Dinah rested her head on her shivering wet paws and pressed herself against the hard wall. She could justabout see into Alice's window. She was confused and scared about everything now but staying close to Alice meant she could see the girl's feelings ebb and change. She even felt them too. Pressing her eyes closed Dinah prayed for sleep and to her surprise she got it. She felt her body being tugged down, a weightlessness and then...

Dinah blinked and looked around. Ahead of her was a table. She began to study it but didn't get far before she realised just how high up she was. She scratched her nose with her paw then jumped and stared hard at what she had just scratched her nose with. It was a hand! She stretched out and retracted her claws repeatedly, watching the fingers in front of her straighten and bend. Then her eyes and hands quickly darted around her slender human form. She was relieved to find ears and whiskers and especially relieved to find a tail which she began to toy with nervously. Strange dream, this, she thought to herself, then turned her attention back to observing her surroundings.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

9:39AM - Sunny days and shadowed moods (Dinahcat & Elzi in the Asylum garden)

Dinah awoke with a start. Where had she been? It was, It was... She blinked but the dishevelled teatable remained clear in her memory. She jumped again as she realised she was on Alice's bed. It's this place, she thought. It's something in the air, they have drugged the air. She paced figure-of-eights. What made her think Alice would be pleased to see her anyway? What if she knew? What if she didn't? Dinah paced with guilt and anger at herself. The garden was safe. It was best for Alice too. Dinah lept to the sill hurriedly and scrambled out of the window; panting and shaking. She continued to pace in the garden.

Monday, April 30, 2007

4:46PM - Shortcut (Editted)

Dinah had become thin again. The bright sunshine danced on her shoulderbones as she peered into the prickly darkness of Alice's cell. Alice had gone out, it seemed. The cell door was open wide and the bedcloths had been straightened. The doctors and nurses must have removed her cuffs at some point. The little cat yawned and poked her head further through the jarred open window. Suddenly she realised she could fit through. Joyfully she wove her way through the window and snaked between the bars landing gracefully on Alice's bed. How long had that been possible? For ages she had taken the route of going out of the garden and in through the kitchen door, sneaking through the corridors and rarely getting as far as Alice's room. Not that people took a blind bit of notice of a dark little feline in the shadows half the time. She usually found that Alice wasn't there, or that the nurses were around her. Dinah's stomach would knot with nerves and anticipation as her heartbeat raced and her vision shifted in the disassociation and always she would turn back. Now she sat on the bed triumphantly, hoping Alice would be pleased to see her.

Friday, April 27, 2007

11:11AM - Sinister sleep (OOC Editted after reading Alice's app and working out where we are starting from)

Dinah sighed softly as she wondered whether to resist or give in to the heavy sleep which was beckoning her. Alice seemed distressed today. The nurses were buzzing round her with rolling eyes and firm voices. It would hardly help for them to have a cat under their feet too, so Dinah remained outside the window. It scared her when they spoke towards Alice this way, when they put on the cuffs and brought out the pills... She wasn't hurting anyone; Why did they punish her for her beautiful words? Dinah's tail twitched. She still felt full from the heavy porrige she had taken from Alice's cell at breakfast time. Alice had been asleep then. The nurse would come in with breakfast and put it by the bed saying "Eat it all up, Miss Liddell". Then if when they came back in a few minutes later Alice hadn't eaten they would forcefeed her. Dinah had come in soon after the nurse and didn't have the heart to wake Alice up when she slept so peacefully. So she had used the time to eat some of Alice's porrige. The timing was never right for their first meeting. Turning her eyes towards Alice's cell she blinked slowly then rested her chin down to sleep, she sensed that Alice would soon be drawn to a troubled slumber of her own. Sweet dreams, Alice. I will comfort you soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

10:40AM - For Your Information (OOC)

I have just started making all my old entries private.
NEW PLAYERS: Bear with me and don't be confused.

EXISTING PLAYERS: If you would like me to email you a copy of all my old entries/threads on my entries for plot braimstorming purposes let me know.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

12:47AM - Wonderland

Wonderland. This is the name my memory has thrown at me. Broken faded fragments of stories Alice once told me come to the front of my mind. A caterpillar, a white rabbit,the smile of a cat, a dormouse, a queen... But the place I visit in my dreams now, that is not how I pictured Wonderland at all. All those years ago I not much more than a kitten. I clung to her words. It's clearer now "Tell me Dinah,..." she said "...did you ever eat a bat?" then she would burst into laughter. Such merry laughter. I had almost forgotten it. She was so happy. Such a wonderful imagination. I envied her for that magical world. But all this was long forgotten. Why is it emerging again now. Dark and rotten.....
...Enough of this thinking. I must eat. I am not in the dark world now. Here in the asylum garden I am just a cat. Though wonderland is dark and disturbing I feel closer to Alice there. I somehow feel I can help her, if I just alter my reasoning.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

10:50PM - Waking Nightmare

I am wet and cold and so very hungry. I don't know how long I slept. I have no way of knowing. It is dimpsing and I think it is evening, but it could equally be morning. Alice is still safe, at least. I am huddling against her window, trying to avoid the rain. That strange character I met (in a manner of speaking); Who was he? What was he? Something about it all seems familiar. It reminds me of something a long time ago. Something Alice said a long time ago, something playful and lighthearted. A happy thing. It's no use. I can't remember. I'm getting old. The mushroom, the smoke, Who are you? How doth the little crocodile...

Current mood: curious

Friday, December 2, 2005

12:01PM - Strange new reality (Dinah and the Caterpillar)

This is the longest dream I have ever had. I have been wandering through this land exploring for what seems like days. I no longer feel quite so precarious on my two legs. I am enjoying the benifits of having long and nimble fingers. As I wander through this land I get the increasing feeling that I am not alone. The head of a mushroom lies upturned and broken next to its stalk. Is that the trees creaking? I think I hear distant screams and laughter. I find myself talking to myself.(It is so novel to have such a versatile voice-box; It would be a waste not to use it). "Nonsense Dinah, This is a dream. Nothing in dreams can hurt you." I look down at a stinging cut on my fingertip and wonder. "It is not real. Nothing here could possibly have consequence..." How wrong could I be....

I never knew they grew this big

Current mood: restless

Sunday, November 27, 2005

11:26AM - Dream World

I have been drifting into the "Dream World" for longer and longer periods of time. It is as though the waking world is a dream and the strange land the true reality. When I am awake Alice does not look like Alice to me. Her body is like an empty shell. In the "Dream World" I am closest to Alice. I am learning to deal with the pain that I feel in that world. My body is different there. I have arms and human hands. The dream calls to me. It draws me in. My heart says I should follow its call, but my suspicious mind warns me of great danger. My curiousity can not hold me back. My eyelids are heavy again. I am slipping...

Friday, November 25, 2005

9:50AM - Where am I?

I have been watching Alice for so long now. I daren't take my eyes off her. I haven't had a proper meal for many nights. I have been living on whatever the asylum's desolate garden(if you can call it that) has to offer. Insects and roots are no sustinence for a cat; my skin seems to cling to my bones. I wonder if I may have eaten something poisonous. I often drift into a strange dream...well, not a dream exactly, closer to nightmare perhaps. I can't explain it. In this strange dream world I feel tantilisingly close to Alice, yet surrounded by pain. The pain is unbearable. Am I losing my mind? At this rate I will never have the strength and sense to help Alice.
Bleak, yet somehow familiar...

Current mood: confused

Saturday, November 19, 2005

12:08PM - I have found Alice, but she is guarded by strangers.

I found Alice again at last. She was being carried by strange people towards a prison-like building. I tried to protect her from them. I was afraid of what they might do to her. Alice was painfully irresponsive, and the people became aggressive towards me. I had to retreat to the bushes for I cannot help Alice in death. Later I searched every window of the building until I found the room where she was held. Now, at last, I can watch over her. But how can I help her?
Wake up, Alice

Current mood: frustrated

Monday, November 14, 2005

11:54PM - The story so far...

I would always sleep with Alice. I'd curl up at the bottom of her bed. She'd read stories and poetry, aloud so I could hear. Every now and then I would go and find a mouse for her. I wouldn't kill it straight away. I'd bring it back to the nursery and release it at her feet. She screamed in delight as it scampered round the nursery. It was our little game. That was a long time ago; a time of innocence, we grew up and thought we knew it all. But we were still protected by a safe world... before the flames - It all happened so fast; terrifying, giant flames, not like the soft flame of a candle, but fierce destructive killers. I need to help her make things right. I have been seperated from my beloved Alice and must find her again, in a new and strange land, with a new and strange body...
The smell haunts me

Current mood: determined